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BlackWhite Birds

The other day I was biking home from work and spotted two swans fairly close to shore. The lightning seemed perfect, but proved to be way to bright to shoot f/1.4, even with max shutter speed of 1/4000. So unfortunately I was unable achieve the beautiful bokeh that the Minolta 50mm is able to render.




Only 5 days to Central America now. Things will get a lot more colorful then!



Raft at Sunrise

Another sunrise photo that I took yesterday, but just got around to process.

Don’t worry, tomorrow will not feature a sunrise photo, but maybe som B/W?

Raft at Sunrise

This photo was taken by me on March 2, 2013 around 6:30 AM. It was shot with a Sony NEX-6 with an attached Sony 16-50 3,5-5,6 mm. lens. The settings: Speed: 1/640 s, focal lenght: 32 mm/48 mm FF-equivalent, ISO: 400.  f/5,0.

See you tomorrow,

Manly Beach After Dark II – Photo no. 6

Hi folks!

Today I am going to post an additional Manly Beach After Dark photo..

This is a close-up of the sign you can see farthest to the left on the other Manly photo, saying “OCEANWORLD”..

The photo is taken by me at the following settings: 6 s, f/16, ISO 100 with zoom level 70 mm. on a 18-70 mm. lens..

If you haven’t read the story about the day this picture was taken, feel free to catch up by reading my post Manly Beach After Dark..

Since you have already read when and in what occasion this picture was taken, there’s no need to repeat the story…

Thanks for stopping by…


Reflections – Photo no. 4

Obviously todays featured picture isn’t from Australia, but from Denmark…

The picture is a reflection of my girlfriend in the Danish winter weather..

The photo is taken by me at the following settings: 1/60 s, f/5,6, ISO 400 with zoom level 50 mm. on a 18-70 mm. lens.


The picture is taken in late December in Denmark, when me and my girlfriend was taking a walk with her dog…
There is not much else to tell about this picture, other than it is a beautiful scene, especially because of the person in the picture..

Tomorrow is another day, and picture…