"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences"

Lost and Found and Costa Rica

So, Lost and Found.

After a 2-hour bus ride through the mountains I got of at the Lost and Found sign in the middle of nowhere.
With my backpack and two full bags of groceries, the 15-minute hike to the lodge felt slightly longer, not helped by the “encouraging” signs on the way; “halfway there – good job”, “take a rest and enjoy the view”, “last big climb before the top” etc.
But when I finally got there, the view was breathtaking.

Lost and Found-01909

When I arrived at the hostel I met Elwood, Sarah and Cameron; Elwood and Sarah I knew from Mamallenas hostel in Panama City, and I met Cameron in Bocas del Toro. I spent the first night just chilling and having a couple of beers at the bar.

The next day I spent with Ben, Anna, Adamo, Mike and Tyler. We spent they day hiking to the Mirador at the top of the mountain, the Bearded Tree and the river. The hike took around 4-5 hours and left us with just enough energy to prepare dinner and go to the bar.

Lost and Found-01997

The next day I was dead tired from the night before and chose not to hike. Instead I just chilled in the hammock with a book all day. I shot this photo while I was having my morning coffee. There are tons of hummingbirds coming everyday to drink the nectar at the hostel.


The next day, me and 10 other people from the hostel went to a small town to shop some groceries and jump in the canyon nearby.
The bus turned out to be full, but we got picked up by two friendly truck drivers that had space for us in the cabins.

We spent the day just relaxing and swimming in the canyon while watching the reckless local kids make crazy jumps and nearly kill themselves.

Lost and Found-02036

We spent the evening in the bar; playing kings cup, foosball and Jenga.
I really enjoyed my time at Lost and Found; great people and spectacular surroundings.
Although Lost and Found is a great place to be, I wouldn’t want to spend more than 3-4 days there, as it would be too tedious.
I left the next day with 4 Canadian girls going to Bocas del Toro. After they got of in Almirante I took a cab to the border and crossed on foot. In the east, the Panamanian-Costa Rican boarder defined by a natural frontier; a large river with checkpoints and bridges connecting the two countries.

After going through immigration, I took a bus to Puerto Viejo and hitchhiked the last ten kilometers to Punta Uva, a small coastal town with less tourists than Puerto Viejo. I checked into Walaba Hostel; a nice little hostel only 50 meters from the beach. At the hostel I met three girls from Lost and Found, as well as a Danish girl travelling by herself.
The next day I spent on the beach with the girls and reading at the hostel. In the evening we met Tommy and Emma who just checked in, and we spent most of the night watching movies and chilling at the hostel.

Next morning we decided to go to the Jaguar Rescue Center; a small sanctuary dedicated to treating and releasing animals back into the wild.
It was not before then that I really started talking to Tommy and realised that he was Danish and living in Copenhagen.
The Jaguar Rescue Center was an amazing experience; during the 90 minute tour we were told stories of the fates of the individual animals in the center and experience some of the animals up close.

Playing with the baby monkeys was definitely the highlight of the tour.

Punta Uva-2305

We also encountered a very domesticated deer; it literally just came to us and started liking the salt of our legs.

Punta Uva-

Normally I strife to avoid guided tours and the like, but this center was truly a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.

After some nice relaxing days in Punta Uva, I continued my journey Thursday morning; taking the first bus to San José with Tommy. Tommy was going to the airport to pick up a friend from Denmark, and I bought a ticket to the next bus to Monteverde. I wanted to explore the area and get some food before taking the bus, but I only got 5 meters from the terminal before I got approached by a guy telling me that it was far to dangerous for a gringo with backpacks to walk alone in these parts of the city.
The man warning me told me that he had been robbed of all his belongings 3 weeks ago and asked if I could help him out with a meal. He showed me a diner close to the terminal and told me his story while we waited for the food. Apparently he came to Central America to DJ and live in Costa Rica, but shortly after he arrived he got jumped by some locals and lost everything. At the moment he was living off the street, waiting for a new credit card from the states to arrive. It was interesting to see how Raffi still managed to have a positive attitude and look on the bright side of life; although you could feel that he had a crisis of faith when it came to trusting others. After the short lunch he thanked me, we exchanged contact information and I hurried to catch the bus.

After a few hours in the bus, it became clear to me that the universe thanked my for my good deed by giving me food poisoning, reverse karma.

I met Caleb on the bus, a young guy from Colorado doing a 4-month study abroad program in Costa Rica. He asked me about my plans in Monteverde, and I told him that my sole motivation for going there was the 143 meter bungee jump. Apparently we had similar plans and we decided to do it together the following day.
Unfortunately my food poisoning proved to be way worse than expected, and while Caleb is out bungee jumping I am in the room unable to move, depleted of all energy. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow; zip lining and bungee jump awaits.


3 responses

  1. Moster

    Søde Anton , det lyder simpelthen så spændende alt det du oplever men nu er det anden mave omgang du har inden for kort tid, pas nu lidt på dig selv min skat, jeg har selv dårlige erfaringer med “udenlandsk” mad på så fjerne destinationer 😦 …en lang erfaring …..
    Det skulle jo nødig ende med at sende dig hjem før tid!
    Smukke billeder du stadig tager og hjælp et heftigt ” spring” der venter hmmm – turde jeg altså ikke….. Ón the other hand, tænk hvis man fik trukket længere ben 😉 -drømme scenarie ….. Knus til dig og fortsat gode oplevelser, den gode karma for dit måltid til en mand i nød, skal nok vise sig !
    Varme tanker Mos og co.

    May 3, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    • Hej søde Mos 🙂
      Jeg ved det godt, det er noget rod.. :/ den anden omgang er væsentlig værre end den første..
      Ja, jeg prøver også at lave mad selv så ofte som muligt, men må også hellere til at være lidt mere kritisk i mine valg af spisesteder..

      Springet er jeg ret spændt på, håber dog ikke mine ben bliver længere, vil helst ikke være højere 😉 ..

      Tak for hilsnen, det varmer at høre fra jer hjemme i Danmark, hils omkring dig derhjemme. 🙂

      Knus dit gudbarn!

      May 3, 2013 at 9:15 pm

  2. Mormor

    KÆRE Anton. Det er bare så Dejligt at se , hvor godt du har det. Du tager nogle kanon gode billeder. Og du milde hvor du dog oplever meget og møder alle de dejlige mennesker. Pas fortsat godt på dig selv min skat. Tusind knus fra din gamle mormor

    May 8, 2013 at 5:04 pm

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