"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences"

Bavarian Bier Café – Photo no. 2

Hi again!

Today me and my class went to a restaurant in Parramatta called Bavarian Bier Café to give our principle a proper goodbye…

We arrived just in time for happy-hour, and 2 large draught beers were priced at 8 AUD in total.. awesome!..
So we settled down in the Biergarten behind the café and started drinking.. heavily…
After some time a waiter came to take our orders for dinner, but at the time the food arrived we were too drunk to taste it properly..

Enough talk.. this is a picture of me and some classmates with our favourite drink.. beer..

The photo is taken by my friend Danny Jin at the following settings: 1/30 s, f/3,5, ISO 400 with zoom level 18 mm. on a 18-70 mm. lens..

The Bavarian Bier Café is an excellent place to have fun, especially in the happy-hour..
I think their food was pretty good, but considering the condition I was in, I probably aren’t a very credible source..

Anyway, thanks for stopping by..

See ya tomorrow


P.s. I think the best beer is the Franziskaner Weissbier, which is the one I am holding in my left hand.. it is fantastic, indeed my favorite beer..

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