"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences"

Hello World – Photo no. 1

Hi there…

I thought I would do a quick welcome post, therefore the very first picture on my blog will be of… me..

post continues below the giant picture..

Me in front of Sydney Opera House

okay so this is me… (and yes, my hair does look pretty silly on this picture, but it was very windy and I really needed a haircut!)

My name is Anton Blinkenberg Zeuthen;  I am a 19-year old college student from Denmark, currently I am studying IBB (International Business Baccalaureate) at Niels Brock/Copenhagen Business College…

If you have read this far you probably have figured out that my blog is a photo blog.. I am going to post one picture a day; this picture will either be one of my own, or a picture that have inspired me or fascinates me in some way…

I am far from being a professional photographer, which you soon will notice through my personal picture.. but I am getting eventually better, hopefully..

My camera is a Sony Alpha A200 which isn’t a fabulous camera at all, but I needed a camera that didn’t cost a fortune, since I am living in Sydney, Australia the next couple of months, and it might get damaged during my adventures…

The next 2 months are primarily going to be photos from my doings in Australia + a little story on how and when the photo was taken..

This picture of me is taken in front of the Sydney Opera House on 11th of February, 2011.
As it is hard to take a self-portrait without a tripod, my friend Christian is the photographer of this brilliant picture.
The picture is taken at the following settings: 1/160 s, f/10, ISO 100 with zoom level 18 mm. on a 18-70 mm. lens..

This was all for now, I look forward to showing you some great photos in the future, and I hope that you will enjoy my blog… If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know! (my contact info is in the “contact” menu)..

See ya around


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